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Generic Celebrex

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Celebrex photoWhat to Know About Celebrex

Celebrex is most commonly used as a treatment for arthritis and acute pain. Like all medications, it is best to research Celebrex before taking it on a regular basis and speak to your physician anytime that you experience undesirable side effects. You will find that generic Celebrex is also an option that you may want to look at before buying Celebrex online.


Generally, your physician will discuss the benefits of Celebrex with you concerning your specific condition but there are some specific types of diseases and illnesses that are treated successfully with Celebrex on a regular basis. For instance, osteoarthritis patients using the drug have shown to have increased movement and less pain within a very short time of starting the drug.

Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis have also been treated with Celebrex. For the management of chronic pain, the drug is prescribed in a dosage based on both the condition you are experiencing as well as your body weight. The dosage can vary but most capsules are 200 milligrams on average. Depending on your results with the drug your physician may alter the dosage to meet your specific needs better after the initial treatment has begun. There are several other uses for Celebrex, as well.

Side Effects

There are both positive and negative side effects from taking Celebrex. Patients experiencing pain will notice a reduction in the pain almost immediately after beginning treatment. Range of motion is often improved with Celebrex and patients may also experience less inflammation and swelling when using the drug. These positive side effects allow you to enjoy more activities that may have been limited due to your medical condition.

The drug has also been linked to some other side effects, as well. For instance, Celebrex may cause some abdominal discomfort and can also be linked to dizziness and upper respiratory infection in some adults. The drug can also have an affect on the heart. Some patients with heart conditions can't use Celebrex and may need to avoid the drug anytime they have a heart related surgery. Make sure that your physicians know that you take the drug before adding any new drugs to your daily medications, and anytime you visit a new physician.

Generic Options

When choosing generic Celebrex you have the added benefit of saving money on your normal prescription. Generic medications have the same active ingredients as name brand options but are a fraction of the cost. Called celecoxib, generic Celebrex can be purchased online. If you do purchase Celebrex online you may need to have a current prescription of the drug.

Celecoxib has the same benefits as Celebrex and can be found in any pharmacy. You can buy Celebrex online in both name brand and generic forms to further control the costs of your prescription. There are both local and international pharmacies that are FDA approved to dispense medications to patients with a prescription. Some online pharmacies may also offer an online physician that can provide a prescription for you, but you will want to be sure to read through the precautions for the medication before using it for your symptoms.