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Generic Cialis

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Cialis photoCialis is one of various prescription medicines that are prescribed by doctors for the treatment of male impotence. male impotence can be defined as the inability to acquire or maintain an erection long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Cialis is also known as its active substance Tadalafil or Generic Cialis. Tadalafil is used for the treatment of male impotence and pulmonary hypertension of the arteries. It is now marketed in the form of a pill. generic Cialis was discovered by the giant pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithkline which at the time worked in partnership with ICOS of the USA to develop drugs for treatment of heart conditions. it was when trials were being conducted for this new drug that participants experienced erections.

Generic Cialis is now marketed in the USA and across the world. It is preferred over ts competitors because Cialis lasts up to 36 hours compared to Viagra and Levitra that last only up to 4 hours. this is also why Cialis is referred to as the weekend pill. Cialis is also one of the very few erectile dysfunction drugs that are prescribed as one a day pills.

Generic Cialis, like the other erectile dysfunction medicines, work by inhibiting PDE5, an enzyme present in the human system. when an erection occurs, it is the result of blood flow to the penis after stimulation. inhibition of the enzyme PDE5 increases blood flow to the penis by chemical reactions in the male body. However, Cialis without physical stimulation will not result in an erection.

Cialis is a drug that is taken on an "as needed" basis. this means it is only used by the patient when they need to rather than the regular prescription method of certain number of times per day. Cialis is also legally advertised but only to targeted consumers. for patients seeking to obtain Cialis via online websites and online pharmacies, they will need to obtain a prescription for its purchase.

Cialis online purchase is now possible via many accredited websites and online pharmacies. When the FDA, the food and drug administration of the US approved Cialis for use, it was also made available via online sites. it is therefore possible and legal to purchase cialis online. there are a few precautions required with the use of Cialis . please note that some active ingredients contained in the pill may remain active in the body for over two days, and much longer for those with liver or kidney problems. Should any user experience problems while under Cialis medication, it is advisable that they immediately cease using the pills and immediately seek medial attention. it is also important to note that Cialis is not prescribed for use by every person and s only prescribed by a medical doctor to those found to be eligible for its use.

Cialis online purchases have grown across the globe. it is believed that erectile dysfunction, though common, is hardly ever regarded as a medical condition and sufferers rarely seek medical attention. Many men opt to purchase cialis online to avoid the embarrassment of revealing erectile dysfunction problems.