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Hypertension / Generic Coreg

Generic Coreg

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Coreg is a beta blocker medication in the form of a pill. This drug should be prescribed only by a Cardiologist who understands the different indications for this particular medication. Fortunately Coreg now has a generic called Carvidelol which is also the active ingredient, which functions the same as the brand name pill, the only difference is the manufacturer. Now that this medication is available as generic, you can purchase coreg online, at a much cheaper price than if you were to go to a brick and mortar pharmacy.

Coreg is used to treat systolic and diastolic heart failure, even if the patient is not experiencing symptoms. This medication is titrated under the supervision of the Cardiologist; the best means to titrate is by taking an electrocardiogram prior to each titration of dosage. Once the electrocardiogram has been confirmed by the physician, the doctor can then make the decision if the Coreg can be increased, decreased or remain at the same dosage.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is another reason the doctor would prescribe Coreg. High blood pressure affects many people, even some that may not realize they are affected by it. Coreg is proven to open the blood vessels making it easier for the blood to flow, therefore reducing the pressure of the blood flowing through the vessels.

Now generic coreg is available to the market, you can now purchase coreg online through a pharmacy that would be significantly less expensive than if you were to purchase generic coreg from your local pharmacy. Purchasing coreg online can be much more convenient than going to the local pharmacy, especially if you are mobile challenged.

Coreg should not be prescribed to people with second or third degree heart blocks; this is where the heart does not make complete electrical signals from the AV node to the SA node. When the doctor speaks of a third degree heart block, most patients with this require a pacemaker. Bradycardia is when your heart rate is below 55 beats per minute, when you have this condition; you should not be taking generic coreg. When you begin taking this medication it will cause your heart rate to drop, but not low enough to upset your heart and vascular system. An example would be someone whose heart rate beats 100 beats per minute, which is high. When the person takes coreg, this is where the beta blocker comes into effect, by reducing the heart rate.
As any medication, generic coreg has some side effects, but will not always affect every person. When beginning the Carvidelol, it is possible to develop some swelling in your extremities, as well as dizziness. Your body will adjust to the new medication, and the symptoms should discontinue. This is the most common side effect. If for some reason the symptoms continue, contact your doctor. The full list of side effects should be available when you purchase coreg online.

Carvidelol should not be taken with certain medications; this is why it is important for only a Cardiologist to prescribe this medication. The Cardiologist knows the different ways the medication can and should be used, as well as what other medications are available to use with Carvidelol for proper treatment of multiple symptoms. Always give your Cardiologist a full list of the medications you presently take, even other the counter and herbal medications. This way the doctor can make sure any medications interact.