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Generic Cytoxan

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Cytoxan photoCytoxan is a highly effective chemotherapeutic drug used to treat several cancers and certain kidney diseases found in children. It is mostly taken by injection and in some cases in tablet or powder form. Each dose depends on the patient's form of cancer and the general health of the patient. Cytoxan is used mainly for the treatment of breast cancer, lymphomas, Hodgkin's disease, leukemias, multiple myeloma, acute myelogenous, retinoblastoma, and ovarian cancer. Generic cytoxan has even been used for the same diseases, however, the Generic cytoxan is much less expensive than the name brand. Both the cytoxan and Generic cytoxan can be purchased online.

There are side effects with cytoxan that can be very difficult to tolerate. Nausea or vomiting are very common with this drug. Total or partial hair loss will occur, but it is temporary. Skin pigmentation, skin rashes and nail changes may also occur. Abdominal discomfort and diarrhea, a compromised immune system which makes it easier for the patient to become ill, and a low blood count can also happen while taking cytoxan. There have been cases of cardiac problems due to cytoxan, however, it is not a common occurrence.

All of the side effects and treatment doses depends also on the age of the patient and whether the patient is a pregnant woman. Each factor needs to be studied by the physician before starting the patient on a cytoxan regimen.

Even though this drug is a powerful cancer drug, it is still possible to purchase cytoxan online. It is also possible to purchase Generic cytoxan online. Generic cytoxan is just as effective in fighting cancer as the cytoxan itself. This generic drug is approved by the FDA and that means that it is equivalent to the brand-name product. The differences between Generic cytoxan and the brand-name drug are simply any dyes, fillers or some other ingredients. These differences may only effect people with drug sensitivity or are allergic to the generic ingredients. Any generic form of cytoxan should have an AB or AP rating which means that the generic form is just as effective as the brand-name version.

It is a fact that you can purchase cytoxan online without a prescription. There are many pharmacy websites that offer this service. It can be shipped overnight and arrive COD. There can be a next-day delivery or a special Saturday delivery. It is much less expensive to purchase cytoxan online without a prescription than going to a drug store with a prescription. However, you need to know the exact dose required, and if you need it in tablet or powder form. This is also the way to order Generic cytoxan if you would rather have that and be able to save even more money. Most of these websites are outside of the US and you need to do your research before you trust the website enough to order such important drugs.