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Generic Fosamax

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Fosamax photoGeneric Fosamax Online Treats Osteoporosis at Great Savings

Individuals affected with osteoporosis and other bone diseases who buy Fosamax online, the brand name of the drug developed by Merck for alendronic acid, also called alendronate sodium (USAN), can now purchase generic fosamax online since the FDA approved the sale of generic fosamax. In order to enjoy the convenience and price savings of purchasing generic Fosamax through Internet vendors, customers should look for alondronate, the name under which generic Fosamax is being marketed.

It is safe and legal to purchase Fosamax online under the generic name Alondronate-Oral, a biphosphonate medication which helps to decrease the cellular activity which breaks down bone mass as an individual ages. Women especially after experiencing menopause and anyone taking corticosteroid medications for a long time can benefit from purchasing either Fosamax online or generic Fosamax from reputable internet pharmacies.

Customers who enjoy the convenience of having medications delivered directly to their door at substantial savings should investigate buying generic Fosamax on the Internet rather than Fosamax online because the generic form of the medication delivers the same safe and effective results as the more expensive branded product sold under the trade name Fosamax. This medication is taken orally once a day on an empty stomach in tablet form with a glass of water, swallowed whole rather than chewed. The individual is advised to remain standing or fully upright for at least 30 minutes prior to taking the daily dose. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks or consuming food for at least 30 minutes after taking Alondronate. Only one dose should be taken daily and if a dosage is missed one day, just one dose should be resumed the following day rather than taking a double dosage which is not advised.

Alondronate taken either as the generic version or as Fosamax can cause side effects in some individuals. These side effects include upset stomach, constipation and pain in the stomach, any of which should be discussed with the patient's physician should these conditions persist. More serious side effects that can occur but are more rare include pain in the jaw, vomiting, swelling of the joints and extremeties and increased bone or muscle pain.

Individuals who cannot sit or stand for 30 minutes, have kidney disease or very low levels of calcium should avoid taking either generic Fosamax or the brand name Fosamax. It is always best to consult with one's physician about current allergies or other medical conditions prior to starting on Fosamax. It is not advised to prescribe Fosamax to children, many of whom suffer extreme side effects from taking this medication. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult their physician prior to taking either generic or trade name Fosamax medication.