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Erectile Dysfunction / Kamagra®


Sildenafil Citrate
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Kamagra photoKamagra Online Less Expensive Alternative to Viagra Brand

Men who want a solution to the problem of male impotence should investigate purchasing Kamagra online. Kamagra online is available without a doctor's prescription and contains the same potent ingredient, sildenafil citrate, as its brand name counterpart Viagra originally developed by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. This active ingredient is designed to increase blood flow to the penis, helping a man maintain an erection for the purpose of pleasurable sexual activity. Not only is Kamagra online a less expensive medication to use for conquering impotence, it is also very convenient to purchase quickly and discreetly.

Kamagra online is available in tablet form to be swallowed orally in addition to an oral jelly, both of which are FDA approved medications. Kamagra oral jelly gets into the bloodstream faster and works within 15 minutes of taking a dose and can last for as long as 6 hours and usually at least 4 hours. Kamagra tablets usually take effect within 45 minutes of ingestion and last the same amount of time as the oral jelly. Although purchasing Kamagra online does not require a doctor's prescription, it is a good idea to discuss specific dosage needs with a physician since Kamagra is available in dosages ranging between 50mg and 100mg. Kamagra should be taken with water within an hour of beginning sexual activity. Its effect is sometimes lessened if it is taken after consuming a heavy meal. It is recommended that no more than one dose of Kamagra be taken within any 24 hour period.

Although it is very safe to purchase Kamagra online, it is always a smart idea to also be aware of the potential side effects that this medication can cause. Men who take Kamagra to address the issues of impotence and erection problems can sometimes experience episodes of congested nasal passages, headache, diarrhea, upset stomach and indigestion, noticing a blue tint to the vision, a flushed complexion and infection of the urinary tract.

Patients like the convenience and cost savings of obtaining Kamagra online, but the onset of any side effects should be discussed with a physician before continuing to use this medication. Kamagra contains the same active ingredient as brand name Viagra and delivers the same safe results in correcting problems of erectile dysfunction. Care must taken by patients who are already taking medications containing nitrates because taking Kamagra at the same time can cause blood pressure levels to drop unexpectedly, resulting in stroke or heart attack.

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