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Generic Lamictal

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Lamictal photoAnticonvulsant Generic Lamictal Available At Cheap Prices Online

Individuals who already purchase the anticonvulsant medication Lamictal online should explore the cost savings associated with buying generic Lamictal under the name Lamotrigene. Lamotrigene, or generic Lamictal, was originally marketed under the brand name Lamictal online by GlaxoSmithKline. It is considered an anticonvulsant medication used primarily for the treatment of epilepsy as well as bipolar disorder. The active ingredient Lamotrigene works by helping the brain to stabilize its electrical activity. This anti-epileptic medication has been used successfully to treat a variety of seizures as well as mood disorders in both adults as well as children older than 2 years old.

Cost savings are a major benefit to purchase generic Lamictal rather than brand name Lamictal online, in addition to the convenience of shopping at any time of the day or night, with direct home delivery that saves time and gas. Whether Lamictal or any other drug with active ingredient Lamotrigene is prescribed, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects of ingesting this drug. Symptoms to watch for include fever, swollen glands, hives, mouth or eye sores, laboured breathing or swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips or throat muscles, along with insomnia, nausea, weight loss and blurred vision.

Among the most severe side effects recorded from the use of Lamictal occurs in people who are allergic to seizure medications and includes fever and red blistering skin rash, which may become life-threatening in its severity when it occurs in children. At the first sign of any skin blistering or peeling, prompt medical attention should be sought. In some patients taking Lamictal, severe mood disorders can also develop including depression, hyperactivity, suidical thoughts and extreme agitation or hostility, all of which should be treated by a medical doctor.

Users of Lamictal or generic Lamictal who have started taking this medication must never stop taking the drug aduptly. This could lead to increased seizures since the patient must be weened off this medication on a gradual basis to avoid unpleasant side effects. Lamictal should not be taken at all by pregnant women or women considering getting pregnant as occurence of birth defects have been recorded in patients who took Lamictal in the early months of their pregnancy.

In certain circumstances, Lamictal has been prescribed for relief from neuralgia, cluster headaches and migraines but such off-label usage should only be monitored by a physician. When searching for cost savings when purchasing Lamictal online, patients should look for the generic name Lamotrigene in order to realize some attractive cost savings compared with buying the brand name product without sacrificing the same effective results.