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Generic Levaquin

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Levaquin photoLevaquin is a strong antibiotic used to treat severe and life threatening bacterial infections and can also cause serious side effects. Levaquin and the generic form of Levaquin that is listed as Levofloxacin can be administered orally or introvenously. The drug is used for infections such as urinary tract infections, skin infections, pneumonia, anthrax, and a host of other diseases. The drug is not normally used with children as it is not yet licensed by the FDA for use in children. Taken orally, the drug can either be in pill form or liquid. Levaquin as well as generic Levaquin is rapidly absorbed into the body and takes effect quickly. Levaquin can have serious side effects especially if taken with other drugs. Herbal drugs interact with Levaquin as well. Side effects include nerve damage and tendon damage as well as heart conditions. Most side effects are those that any medication can have; however there are reactions that are more serious. Instructions on how to take Levaquin should be followed by the doctor. Patients who are older have been known to have more side effects with tendon disorders. The generic Levaquin has side effects that are the same as brand name. The purchase of Levaquin online can be done through a number of web sites. Canadian pharmacies are more likely to send Levaquin online at a cheaper price. The generic Levaquin can also be made as a Levaquin online purchase. To buy Levaquin online the patient needs to have the prescription and then can order the correct dosage through the web site of their choosing. There are companies that offer Levaquin online without a prescription but these should be researched. The overdose of Levaquin and generic Levaquin can cause seizures, problems with coordination, and shortness of breath. If overdose is suspected medical attention needs to be sought as soon as possible.