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Hypertension / Generic Micardis

Generic Micardis

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Micardis photoMicardis is used to treat hypertension or high blood pressure troubles. Its active substance is telmisartan and it is taken orally. There are a lot of well known problems associated with high blood pressure, such as kidney problems and crippling heart attacks, making this drug invaluable.

You can purchase Micardis online or from drugstores, with a prescription and without - online.

Depending on your prescription, it is usually taken once or twice a day, depending on your needs. Potassium supplements, which combined with Micardis can result in severe muscle weakness and/or a slow heartbeat. It is also important to continue using the drug as long as the doctor told you to, even if you�re feeling feel better.

Most doctors will start out their patients at 40 mgs of Micardis daily. These patients can purchase Micardis online or at a local drugstore. Depending on how the patient reacts to this dosage, it will naturally be reduced or increased as needed. It usually takes a few weeks before it can be determined whether or not a change in dosage is needed.

For those with cardiovascular problem or for people who are at high risk for heart attacks or strokes, most doctors would recommend a daily dosage of 80 mgs.

It cannot be stressed that there is currently no real generic Micardis out on the market and caution must be taken whenever a person chooses to purchase Micardis online to make sure that it is legal and that it is the real deal.

Potential Side Effects
Micardis could easily be fatal to an unborn child if used by a pregnant woman, making it important to both avoid conception by someone using it or using it while pregnant.

Whether you bought Micardis online or from a pharmacy, you may find that you are one of many people experiencing some of its side effects. These can include blurred vision, dizziness as well as back pain. This is natural as your body begins to get used to the changes the medication is making but if they increase in severity, it would be wise to contact your doctor.

There are more severe side effects present. These can include various muscle ailments, such as weakness and tenderness. Some people may find themselves bruising far more easily than they used to or may find that they are persistently nauseous.

Others may find that they are allergic to the drug. Should they experience a rash or breathing problems, it may be wise to immediately contact your physician.

Purchasing Micardis Online
Purchasing Micardis online can be a tenuous proposition at best. There may be offers of generic Micardis which for your own safety, both legally and medically, you should avoid. However, if you can find a reputable seller you should be fine.