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Generic Nexium

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Nexium photoGeneric Nexium Offers Affordable Solution to Excess Stomach Acid

Heartburn sufferers who normally search for Nexium online as a solution to their acid reflux disease should consider the advantages of saving money by purchasing generic Nexium instead. Generic Nexium is marketed as Esomeprazole which helps to reduce acid secretion and the formation of gastric acid. Buying either generic Nexium as well as Nexium online gives the purchaser medication containing the same active ingredient, esomeprazole magnesium. This ingredient is popularly used in the treatment of gastroesophegeal reflux disease in which stomach acid comes into contact with the esophagus, creating a condition known as heartburn.

The big advantage to purchasing generic Nexium over branded Nexium online, however, is a more affordable pricetag along with the same efficacy to control stomach acid which is irritating the food pipe. The active ingredient in this medication serves as a proton pump inhibitor to help reduce the amount of acid generated in the stomach for as much as 24 hours. This medication is available both as time-delayed tablets or time-delayed capsules, either of which should be taken orally only once within 24 hours in order to control excess stomach acid secretions. Not only does this medication help to inhibit the formation of stomach acid, it also helps to heal any irritation or damage done to the esophagus from constant exposure to excess stomach acid.

Before purchasing Nexium online or generic Nexium to treat heartburn, individuals should carefully review any potential side effects that accompany this medication. Side effects range from stomach pain, diarrhea and headache in adults to sleepiness, diarrhea, stomach pain and headache when taken by children. More severe side effects that may surface when taking generic Nexium include chest pains, fever, rapid heartbeat, fatigue and persistent stomach pain. Some patients who take Nexium on a regular basis are also more susceptible to developing chronic diarrhea, hip fractures and pneumonia.

Individuals who already have liver or heart conditions should consult with a physician regarding Nexium dosage and any possible allergic reactions when taking this medication. Because the tablets or capsules containing the dosage are specially coated in order to dissolve over time in the stomach, it is important that this medication be swallowed whole with water without breaking or chewing. Crushed capsules or tablets release too much of the medication at the same time into the stomach which is counter-effective. Generic Nexium is designed to work over time rather than immediately and buying generic Nexium online is an affordable way to keep taking this drug over the prescribed amount of time it takes to be totally effective in eliminating excess stomach acid and healing the acid-irritated esophagus.