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Generic Prevacid

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Prevacid is a drug that is used for short-term treatment of acid reflux and erosive esophagitis. It is important to take Prevacid before acid causes irreversible damage to the digestive system. Those who need but cannot afford this drug can buy less expensive generic Prevacid. In fact, you can buy this version of Prevacid online! Just like its name-brand counterpart, generic Prevacid contains Lansoprazole, which reduces the production of acid in the stomach. The drug is available in capsule form and is generally taken in 15 mg or 30 mg doses (the dose may be smaller or larger depending on your doctor's instructions), daily and for 4 weeks, often in conjunction with antibiotics. Generic Prevacid, like regular Prevacid, is not known to cause any serious side effects, although in rare cases it may cause an allergic reaction characterized by symptoms such as facial swelling or difficulty breathing. In addition, an overdose may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If a patient experiences any of these symptoms or if an overdose has occurred, immediate emergency medical attention is necessary. Generic Prevacid is a great option for acid reflux sufferers who cannot afford name brand medication. Buying this version of Prevacid online can also make your life easier, saving you multiple trips to the doctor and pharmacy. Those who may be wary of Internet shopping in general or obtaining medications online in particular can be assured that buying Prevacid online is no less safe than picking up the prescription at your local drugstore. Currently there are a number of reputable companies who offer Prevacid online. If you are suffering from acid reflux or erosive esophagitis and have been prescribed Prevacid, talk with your doctor about the possibility of purchasing generic Prevacid online. Purchasing generic Prevacid online is safe and is sure to make your life just a little bit easier!