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Generic Protonix

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Protonix photoPurchase Protonix Online to End Heartburn Today

If you suffer from frequent heartburn symptoms, such as burning, difficulty swallowing, excessive coughing or acid reflux, generic Protonix can help you to feel better right away. Buying Protonix online is as simple as doing a search of any term associated with hearturn.

Generic Protonix is an oral medication, which means it is taken in a pill form or as a granule added to applesauce or juice. The pill form is taken once per day, with or without food. It is important that generic Protonix is swallowed whole, and is not split or crushed. The granular version should be taken 30 minutes before a meal and added to applesauce or juice. It should not be mixed with any other foods. If you look up Protonix online, you will find even more detailed instructions on how to to take it.

Some of the side effects of generic Protonix are headache and diarrhea, which should get better as your body adjusts to the medication. A rare complication is a severe allergic reaction. Symptoms of this would include a rash, swelling, prolonged itching, dizziness or trouble breathing. If any of these symptoms occur, discontinue use and see your doctor immediately. If you have taken lansoprazole or omeprazole in the past and had difficulty with them, know that generic Protonix is made of similar ingredients and could cause the same reaction.

This medication may also cause bone fractures if used long-term, but this doesn't have to be a serious concern if you work with your doctor and make use of calcium supplements. This is more of a concern with older adults who use higher dosages.

Some symptoms of heartburn and dizziness may indicate a more serious health condition. If you notice them in combination with lightheadedness, chest pain, difficulty breathing or pain that radiates to your arms, jaw, neck or shoulders, discuss this with your doctor. Purchasing Protonix online would not be the best option in this case.

You may purchase Protonix online without a prescription. Simply do a web search of the term generic Protonix or online pharmacies and compare costs, delivery time and quantity available. Once your order has arrived, you should notice improvement with your heartburn issues quickly.