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Erectile Dysfunction / Tadalis® Sx
Tadalis Sx

Tadalis® Sx

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Tadalis Sx photoTadalis is a phospodiesterase inbibitor used as a treatment for sexual-function problems such as erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Penile erection can be achieved and maintained with Tadalis ability to induce blood flow to the penis when this drug's reaction is activated by sexual stimulation. This drug is for the sexual dysfunctions of men only and not recommended for women or children. It is a stimulant and not a form of birth control or a barrier against sexually transmitted diseases and therefore should be used with a condom if pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases are a concern. Purchasing Tadalis online offers discretion and ease of purchasing.

Tadalis may cause serious adverse reactions when taken with nitrates, butyl or amyl nitrates or alpha blocker medications. Some reaction could occur when Tadalis is taken with macrolide antibiotics, high blood pressure medications and HIV inhibitors. You should never take Tadalis if you have been diagnosed with angina, heart attack or stroke, problems with the liver, low blood pressure or high blood pressure, or if previously instructed by a physician to limit yourself or abstain from sexual activity.

Possible side effects that need to be looked for are back pain, muscle aches, nausea and upset stomach, vision changes, heartburn runny nose and painful erections lasting longer than four hours. If you experience any of these side effects you should immediately seek medical attention to prevent any permanent damage. Allergic reactions may occur including dizziness, swelling of the tongue, numbness, ringing in the ears and itching. Take notice of any unusual side effects or reactions to this drug and discuss with a doctor. Some of the side effects will be at the onset of dosing, others may surface after prolonged use.

The normal dose of Tadalis is once daily. When purchasing Tadalis online, the instructions will be included. It is important to discuss with your physician the best time of the day to take Tadalis and to stay within those timing guidelines daily. Dosage will be tailored exclusively for you based on your needs and medical history. Never share this or any prescription with friends or family.

Buying Tadalis online has never been easier. Once you have received your prescription from your physician you can shop online for a reliable and trustworthy provider and begin to experience the gratifying result of Tadalis for yourself. Most physicians will write a prescription with several refills so that you only have to locate your pharmacy website of choice and return there to purchase Tadalis online. In some instances you may not even need a prescription to buy Tadalis online.

When taken Tadalis responsibly, Tadalis able to offer a gratifying solution to a number of men who experience erectile dysfunction or impotency. Age no longer has to be an excuse for a non existent sex life, and Tadalis makes it easier to resume a regular sexual experience.