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Generic Trental

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Generic Trental (Pentoxifylline) photo

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Trental photoA person can buy trental online if a doctor has prescribed this blood thinner for him. The drug, which is a derivative of Xanthine. The drug works by increasing the flexibility or red blood cells, allowing the blood to flow freely through certain areas of the body. As with other blood thinners in use today, a patient who takes generic trental must have his blood monitored, as he would on Cumadin.

What Conditions Are Regular and Generic Trental Prescribed For?

Trental is often prescribed to treat weakness in the lower extremities. Hip weakness, leg weakness, knee weakness and foot weaknesses are the most common use. A person with blood clotting problems should avoid taking this medication.

Situations in Which to Avoid Taking Generic Trental

Mothers who are pregnant are breastfeeding should avoid the medication entirely. People with ulcers, high blood pressure, and kidney problems should tell their doctor about these problems before considering generic trental. Because it interferes with blood clotting, a patient should tell his doctor about recent surgeries. Even if you buy trental online, it may interfere with the body's natural healing processes. A patient on this drug should also avoid taking Anticoagulants and theophyllines while taking generic trental.

Can I Buy Trental Online?

A person can buy almost any medication over the internet. Buying Trental online is no more difficult than buying a prescription from a local pharmacy. The person buying trental online does save the cost of gas, although the cost of shipping might negate any potential fuel savings.

As with any online purchase involving a medical necessity, it is a good idea to order a larger supply of the medication than he might order from his local drug store. He still needs to have his prescription written out. In some cases, he may need his insurance information. Having both ready will ensure speedy and prompt delivery. It is also a good idea to let a few days leeway time when placing an order. The places that sell trental online will do everything than can to get a customer's order right, but mistakes do sometimes happen. It will take time to for the company to ship the correct medication to the consumer.