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Generic Zocor

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Zocor is one of the medications that people can use in order to lower the bad cholesterol that they have and replace the levels with the good cholesterol that they need. Zocor belongs to the family that is most commonly referred to as statins.

Active Substance

The active substance in Zocor is actually a fermented version of Aspergillus terreus. Once the product is put through the processes of treatment and manufacturing, it becomes a simvastation in which helps the person in multiple ways when diet and exercise along are not enough to help their ailments. The generic Zocor is the same as the name brand and both will have the same active ingredients.

When and How to Take

Zocor is taken orally with plenty of water. The person should take this medication on either a full or empty stomach at night time for the best results. They should avoid taking this with alcohol, or using alcohol while they are taking this medication as this can raise the effects that the person could have. In addition, the same can be said of taking the medication with grapefruit. The recommended dosage is usually one capsule. Should the person overdose they could increase their risk of a heart attack or stroke. Thus, also take on time the same time every day. If a dose is missed, then wait for the next dose to roll around, never double the dose to make up for a day that you missed. The same can be said of the generic Zocor as well when it comes to directions and risks associated with the medication.

Side Effects

Like all other medications out there, Zocor can cause side-effects, though usually people handle the medication fairly well, this includes using generic Zocor. Some of the most common side-effects are:

* dizziness

* headache

* nausea

* diarrhea

* gas

* constipation

* lose of appetite

* thinning of hair or total loose of hair

* lose of sexual desire

The more serious side-effects that could come alone with using Zocor are:

* liver failure

* liver damage

* hepatitis

* damage to nerves that could cause weakness in the total body

* psychic disturbances

* progression of cataracts

* heart attack

* stroke

* death

Getting Zocor Online

Zocor is usually prescribed by a doctor, however, many people are ordering Zocor online in order to help them cope with their problems. Those that order Zocor online are usually getting a generic Zocor, however this will work the same as the name brand medication. The only difference is the generic Zocor is cheaper. Ordering Zocor online is perfectly safe, as long as the person releases the risk that are associated with using the medication, and ordering Zocor online is a great way to avoid the long pharmacy lines and wait times.